Cold in Babies

Monsoon is a season famous for love, rains, greenery, pakodas and cold. This seasons calls for extra immunity and lots of care for adults as well as children. Already everyone is hit hard by the pandemic and gets worried about normal cold, cough and fever. A minor symptom of cold takes us to the world of corona and we end up having many negative thoughts. It’s high time when we should fasten our seat belts and take good care of our babies as they are more prone to cold and cough. Their little noses catch a lot of cold. Though these sneezes are sniffles are rarely serious but they are toughest for parents and may lead to pediatrician visit. Being a new mother, I am also concerned about my baby’s health and always try to do the best to prevent him from having cold. So mommys, wrap up your baby in the warmth of your love and care before any stubborn virus catch them up.

Watch Out For Symptoms:

Cold lasts for about 6-14 days and that’s a really a big time in case of a baby. It is most contagious in the first three days of symptoms as their brand new immune system is not fully mature. A stuffed or runny nose is the first clue that your newborn has caught a cold. The other symptoms that shall be taken care of include:
• Fussiness
• Fever
• Coughing
• Sneezing
• Reduced Appetite
• Difficulty feeding
• Trouble falling or staying asleep

Treating Cold at home

Running to pediatrician in such tough times is risky. Cold doesn’t need to be treated and usually go by its own after a few days. Over the counter cold and cough medicines should be avoided in case of infants and toddlers. Treating newborn’s cold at home consists of helping them feel comfortable. To help your little one feel better try these home remedies and I am quite sure that you will get good results.

• Feed him often: Giving extra fluids to your baby prevent dehydration and keep their nose and mouth moist. Nursing your infant more often helps them gaining the necessary nutrients to fight the viruses and bacteria.

• Suction out the mucus: Stuffy nose may be the real concern for your baby. By spraying saline drops into each nostril and then sucking out the mucus helps a lot. You can also make your own saline solution by using distilled water or boiled tap water.

• Use a humidifier: Humidifiers add moisture to the air. Turning on a cool-mist humidifier will keep your baby’s nose from drying out. Don’t forget to wash the machine after each use to prevent the bacteria to build up.


Well, the fact is cold can’t be prevented especially during this season. But we can definitely lower the baby’s risk of getting infected. I follow some basic tips for that:
• Wash your hands regularly before picking up the baby
• Keep baby away from someone who is sick
• Clean your baby’s toys often with soap and water.
• Don’t let anyone use your baby’s utensils or towels.
• Tell others to cough or sneeze into a tissue or their shoulder.
• Last but not the least, DO WEAR A MASK.


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