Children are God’s gift to us; they are lent to us and we are tasked to make them the best people who have good morals and values. To do so we need to start teaching them right when they are young because children can be easily molded when they are young and become difficult as they become older. In this article, we are going to discuss child parenting tips that make your child a better son/daughter and a better person.

Quality Time

Always make sure you spend your time with your kids every day. Even when you are busy trying to join them during their mealtime. Then you should be talking with them about how was their day and what happened today, etc.

This will make them feel loved and you care for them, which in turn makes them feel secure, loved, and cared about.


Instilling discipline is one of the most important aspects of parenting. Discipline teaches children self-control and self-discipline. These are very important factors to develop to make sure that your children succeed in their life.

Do not spank or use any physical force to inflict pain on the children no matter what. Use light physical force if necessary.


Give your kids what they prefer to eat. When they are given a new food item then if they are not liking it don’t force them. Try giving it later after a couple of tries your child might like it and admit they like it or not.

At least eat one meal with your family every day


Always let them advance in their preferred way for example if they like to dress up by themselves let them do it if they are trying to walk without the stroller or eat on their own then leaving them alone would be wise as these activities help them to improve their mental capacities and also honestly cause you much less of a headache.

Avoid TV’s in your kid’s room as it promotes obesity, hampers sleep cycles, lower grades, and many other things which affect kids negatively


Make sure your kids get all the vaccinations done properly to reduce the risk of getting a deadly disease to your child. Avoiding this may lead to serious consequences in the future.

Brush their teeth twice a day to have good dental health. Also, watch out for dangerous or expensive items which are accessible to your children.

Social skills

Social skills such as talking to kids asking about their day all improve their talking skills. Practice eye contact with people to make them look more assertive.

You as a parent

Remember even you as a parent can have flaws in your parenting style, so you should remember that and analyze your strengths and weakness, and accordingly adapt your parenting style.

Role model

Children learn more by actions than words so if you have a lazy lifestyle or you get aggressive and use physical force your kids are watching and they will copy it from you and do the same thing outside your house thinking it is the right reaction.


Parenting is an art and there is no single right way to do it. But remember it is one of the most satisfying things in life. Even if you are busy and everything in the house is a mess remember to live in the moment with your child as you are going to cherish these memories forever. Also, watch out for updates in psychology in the area of parenting it is one of the most researched areas so do take many techniques and tips from that. So which one of these child parenting tips did you like the most or have we missed a great tip that could be added to this list do comment below.


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