Children have all the right to throw tantrums. After all they are born with it. Screaming, crying, rolling on the floor are some of the difficult things to handle for anyone. If you are an experienced mom, you might have tried many ways to calm down your kid. But when nothing works, majority of us just hand over a gadget or turn on their favorite cartoon channel to deal with the situation. And when our kids get addicted to it, we start complaining about the same. Studies have shown that too much screen time is harmful for children eye sight. Handling this situation tactfully is important and we suggest you to look for other alternatives to calm down your little one. We are here with some easy tacts to handle your kids without showing them screen.

1. Calm down: The first thing you should do is to calm yourself down. Being impulsive and aggressive won’t help out. The more you will respond, the more irritated they will get. If you stop responding, they might calm down on their own in a while and may start listening to you.

2. Take them for a walk: If your kid is throwing tanturms, you may try to take him out for a walk. You may go to the nearest park or on the terrace of your home. This way they will get distracted and will eventually start being calmer. You also get to bond with them and teach them good morals.

3. Play with them : It is the best way to deal with their tanturms. Kids never say no to playing and if you are offering them a game, they will surely get involved. You can play board games, outdoor games or try some creative activites to keep them busy. This will uplift their mood and calm them down.

4. Sing a song: Kids respond well to music. Music helps them to calm down. When your kid is throwing s tantrum, try playing their favorite music or start singing. You will notice that they will calm down after a while. Once they start enjoying their favorite music they will forget the thing they were crying for.

5. Hug is the therapy: Human touch calms down kids. Hugs and cuddles are the ultimate therapy when nothing works out. Hug your baby when he is crying. This will help to pacify your baby and will reduce their emotional stress.

6. Ask them what they want: Listen to your kids carefully and ask them alternatives that could help them. If they ask for something that is acceptable to you, then give them that. But do remember, it has to be other than things you have already said no to.

7. Send positive vibes: Om chanting really helps head off the tears. Make eye contact and rock your baby while chanting om. This therapy works for older children and you can even teach them to chant with you. Chanting Om carries a vibration that calms and soothes the body.

So, the very next time when your baby throws tantrums, try these methods to calm him down. Do share your experiences with us.
Happy Parenting!


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