There are endless corporate gifting options available in the market but what about those that are both user-friendly and good for the environment? That’s where Bysmita comes in. Bysmita is the leading provider of corporate gifts that are biodegradable and help reduce our carbon footprints.

At Bysmita, they want to create environmental awareness while creating user-friendly corporate gifts that can be used by everyone. They offer a wide selection of eco-friendly products and all their products are designed to be stylish yet sustainable so you can give your clients something special that won’t harm the environment.

Their top and best-selling corporate gifting options:

Plantable Ganesha:

This colorful handcrafted Ganesha is embedded with seeds so that if it’s planted, a new plant will grow in its place. It serves as a symbol of environmental awareness and makes for an exquisite corporate gift. To promote plantation and the green cause, they have made this eco-friendly Ganesha available at a pocket-friendly price.

Medicinal plants:

Each of these beautiful plants comes with its own set of benefits. There are medicinal plants like Tulsi and Aloe that have multiple health benefits. They can also be used in cooking and give a delicious twist to your favorite dishes. It is an amazing gift option as they promote overall well-being and make for a thoughtful gesture.

Wooden candle circle:

This elegant wooden candle holder is made with recycled wood and you can place a small floating candle in it. It looks beautiful and adds a touch of warmth to any home or office setting. This perfect corporate gift can be used to light up any room, making it serene and peaceful. You can also keep it in your workplace and use it as a sign of gratitude and appreciation to your clients.

Wooden toothbrush:

A wooden toothbrush is an eco-friendly option and a great way to reduce plastic waste. It’s a unique corporate gift that can be used for a long time. The handle is made from recycled wood and the bristles are soft and gentle on your gums. It’s also non-toxic and doesn’t contain any chemicals that can harm the environment.

Wrapping up!

At Bysmita, they strive to create environmentally conscious corporate gifts that will make your clients feel special. They offer an array of eco-friendly products that are not just user-friendly but also help reduce our carbon footprints. So, if you’re looking for corporate gifts that are both stylish and eco-friendly, Bysmita is the best place to find them. Make sure to check out their amazing selection today!



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