Birthdays are special. And if it’s a child’s birthday, then they are always a big deal. Planning a party and buying new clothes is all okay but what about the gift? Kids are fond of fancies and gifting them something unique makes them feel happy and loved. So if you are wondering what to gift your niece or your nephew on their birthdays, we have got you covered. We’ve put together a list of ideas that are not only unique but also have a personal touch to them.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids

Here are a few ways to make your kid’s birthday more fun with gifts.

#1. A Styling Kit for Barbies and Dolls

Barbies and dolls make for a perfect gift for girls and will never get outdated. If you want to gift something unique to a baby girl, get a doll for her. You can pair it with a styling kit. Nail polish, hairbrush, clips, hairbands, and some items which constitute this kit that can help her fashion the doll in many beautiful ways.

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Price Range : The Barbie set with the styling kit comes with a starting price of Rs. 999/-

#2. Piggy Bank

Piggy banks are a great option to instill saving habits in your child from early age.
You can get a cute little piggy bank for your kiddo. Encourage and inculcate this habit by gifting her an adorable money bank. These are available in a variety of styles, buy the one you think your child would like.

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Price Range : You can get this money savers starting at just Rs. 119/-

#3. The Classic Old Jenga

Active fingers and young hands are the best combination to play this exciting game. You can join your child too as you arrange the blocks to form a tower and then gently pull out each piece until it all falls. Use a pencil to scribble a tiny activity on each piece and make the game twice the fun.

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Price Range: The range starts from Rs. 799/-

#4. Bucket Stack

Kids love comparing heights. Gift them a game that is quite a bit of fun using play buckets that can be nested and stacked over each other. These can go up to three feet tall or even more and you can always get more of these as your child grows up.

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Price Range: The price range starts from Rs. 699/-

#5. A Magnetic Sketch Board

Today’s kids will prefer doing all they want on a digital tablet. Replace that with a physical etch-a-sketch that brings back the physicality of the art. The magnetic beads will arrange themselves to replicate your child’s imagination and bring art back into their hands.

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Price Range: The price range of these pads start at Rs. 599/-

#6.Cars Made From Kinetic Clay

Plastic toy cars wear with time and your child will get bored playing with it. So get him kinetic sand cars instead. These have the basic car chassis, with the rest of the parts made out of the kinetic sand. It’s a special type of sand that is similar to clay, which holds its shape for a longer duration once it is moulded. These can be remade right away.

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Price Range: You can get this product online starting at Rs. 1999/-

#7. Jewelry-making Kit

If your little one has an interest in arts and craft activities, you can also get a jewelry-making kit for her as a gift. This gift can be used almost instantly as it comes with different coloured ribbons, accessories to decorate and personalise them, and a lot more. All her friends will have unique jewelry making their bond stronger.

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Price Range: The kit starts from a price range of Rs. 500/-

#8. A Fairy-Themed Colouring Set

Girls have a strong fascination for imaginary creatures like mermaids and fairies. Let her workout her vision by gifting her a colouring set themed on those lines. There are colouring books and canvases that come with a mermaid or fairy outlines, as well as glittery paint and many other items to make the fairy more than just a painting.

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Price Range: The whole set will cost you Rs. 3500/-

#9. Stick-on Mustache

If your little boy wants to be like his dad and is playing grown up, let him have his fun. In fact, add to his fun by getting him a stick-on moustache. These come in different styles, which could turn one into a clown, a pirate, a businessman, or even a jungle-dweller. Role-playing with a moustache on his face will make your little one extremely happy.

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Price Range: These artificial moustaches comes in a price range of Rs. 199/- to Rs. 500/-

#10. Gardening Kit with Tools

If you have a home garden or even a terrace one, get your children along to help you with their gardening kit. It comes with a nice shovel, fork, a cute little bucket and a manual that teaches the basics of gardening. Some of them could come with tiny seeds that can help your child set up his very first plant.

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Price Range: You can buy this product at Rs. 660/-


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