Bathing a newborn is a tricky experience for moms, especially if it’s a first time with your baby. Your baby is so tiny and fragile that you hesitate to even take her in your arms. And when it comes to bathing her for the first time, you wonder weather the temperature of the water is right or not or if you are getting too harsh on your baby’s soft skin. Another thing that you keep on wondering while bathing a new born is how frequently you should bathe him. If you are worried about your newborn’s bathing routine, stop thinking and read this.

The First Bath:
Many parents are concerned about when and how often to bathe a newborn. While bathing a newborn you should keep the following things in mind.

● The nurse will be the one to give your baby the very first bath. It is usually done after 24 hours of birth. You can watch the nurses and learn how they are doing it. You can get some tips and advice from them as they are highly professional and experienced.

● Bathe your baby twice a week until the umbilical cord falls off. Never submerge your baby in water until the stump falls off.

● The best way to keep your newborn clean is sponge bath. Be gentle around their face and head. Start from the top and clean your baby till bottom.

● In case of a mess or dribbled milk, you can give additional baths. Make sure to clean the face and neck well.

How often should you bathe your baby
After completion of first month, it is recommended to bathe your baby twice a week. Start with the face and work it down. You can now use a bath tub to bathe your baby. After your baby turns 3 months of age, you can increase the frequency and do it three to four times a week. After bathing your baby, don’t forget to apply the baby lotion all over the body.

Once your baby starts becoming more active after 6 months, you should bathe him more often. As your baby starts crawling or walking, you can definitely increase the frequency of baths. Your baby can sit by now so you can happily use a bath tub to bathe her. By this age you can also set a warm bath routine at night time if your baby enjoys it.

Why should you not bathe your baby daily?
People find it odd to bathe their babies few times a week. But is is important to note that you do not really need to do it daily. Babies do not get dirty the way we do and so babies need baths a few times. Your baby’s skin is much more sensitive so bathing her too often can cause skin problems such as eczema.

Bathing your baby too little will trigger problems like rashes, dirt and pimples. So, you can bathe your baby and apply a gentle mosturizer to avoid irritation. If your baby already has skin problems consult with your doctor and get a skin care routine for your baby that suits and heals her.


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