Just like every other mom, I am also trying to juggle my work and my brand new baby together. It seems little impossible but it’s not. Yeah, it gets tough at times, especially when he needs to be in your lap or when he asks to nurse till he sleeps. There are days when I literally burst into tears as balancing both the things at the same time is quite challenging. Most of the time he is in my lap breastfeeding and I try to type on my laptop to complete what I started writing three hours back. Being in a nuclear family, we do not have any back support and that’s the biggest issue. I know many of them are in the same boat trying to make work and parent thing possible with babies under 1. To balance both equally, I tried some tips from the parenting blogs India and if you are browsing the same, here are some basic things to keep in mind:

1. Work when they are calm: Moms prefer to work when their little one is asleep, but if you have to work even when he is awake, choose the time right after their meal or when he wakes up. I have experienced that when my baby is playing on his own, I can finish up the majority of the things and give him full attention later, you can also check Indian Mom Blogs for more advices.

2. Take advantage of naps: Babies tend to sleep more than once a day. It’s in the morning, in the noon and again in the evening. Just be ready with your work desk and get the task done whenever your baby sleeps. This works best when it comes at balancing both of them.

3. Don’t forget to take breaks: It’s a harsh truth that despite of all the moms who are working hard, work from home with a baby can be hard. DO not get desperate to work. Sit back, relax and play with your baby. Because my dear, you see, me-time is equally important.

4. Baby carriers are the best: When it comes to a working mom, baby carriers are a good support. Don’t underestimate the power of your baby carriers as you can easily wear them around the house. It’s easy to strap your baby in a carrier or use a backpack and stand at work table counter.

5. Find a nanny: Just a suggestion. I am not into this nanny thing. But if you are a full time working mom, you can definitely ask your friends or relatives to find a well qualified nanny or a babysitter to take care of your child. Keep in mind to hire one with a history of long term commitments to families.

6. Try to be a little more proactive: Motherhood is not easy but it’s a very beautiful feeling. Remember that this phase is temporary and it won’t last forever. Being a little more proactive will let you save a good amount of time for your work.

I know, work from home with a small kid isn’t easy but once you learn to cope with these temporary challenges, you will feel proud of the multifaceted women you are- a hardworking professional and the most loving mom.


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