Seeing your little ones rolling over is much fun. Especially when your baby could do nothing on his own, rolling over is the first milestone he achieves. Babies learn it gradually with time and practice. It signifies that baby has gained strength in arms, neck and back. Rolling over from front to back and vice versa requires different skills and muscles, so initially babies roll over side to side.

When will your little munchkin show this skill?

We all know that growing up is a gradual process and requires a lots of learning and patience. The common questions that hit our minds is at what age do babies roll over? Unfortunately no one can specify any particular time or age of it. Some babies start rolling over at three to four months and some may not even get it until seven months. Between five months to seven months, babies get more flexible and master the skill of rolling over in all rhe directions i.e. from front to back, back to front and side to side with great ease.

Parents, Be careful

We know, you love seeing your baby playing, laughing and rolling over. It gives you immense joy. But you must be cautious and should take certain precautions during this period to protect your kid from the risk of SIDS. Always place your baby on a mat that has been placed on the floor while changing the diaper or dressing him.

● Avoid placing your baby on any raised place since he could fall while rolling over.

● Keep the floor clean and clear of any object or toy that could choke him.

● Do not keep your baby alone or unattended for a long time.

● Do not put your baby to sleep next to his sibling as the elder one may place his hand or leg in such a way that could suffocate your new born.

How will you munchkin become a master?

Learning to roll over is a gradual process. Let’s now have a look at the developmental processes that lead a baby to the “rolling over” milestone.

● 1st month: Babies are too small to even rise their head.

● 2nd- 3rd month : Babies can turn from back position to side position. Some of them even start rolling from tummy to back at this age.

● 3rd – 4th month: Babies can hold up their head as the neck muscles gain enough strength at this age. But the head still bobs forward or backward. Babies can raise their head and shoulders to a push up position.

● 4th – 5th month : Babies love playing in push up position, they stretch to reach out for toys. Babies can easily roll from back to front. Head control also improves.

● 5th – 6th month : Babies can hold up their head firmly while sitting. They can hold their chest up and roll from belly to back. Some babies also start crawling at this age.

Teaching your baby to roll over

Rolling over is a skill that babies learn on their own. But you can also teach and encourage your baby by doing the following things:

● Tummy position helps babies to develop motor skills. This position also strengthen their arms, neck and back muscles.

● Encourage baby to play on both the sides as well as in the back position.

Rolling over is the first milestone that your baby learns on his own. It is one of tha major motor skills that your baby acquires. It can happen only if the baby has developed the muscles that are required to perform the skill. Be alert and take necessary precautions once your baby masters this skill.

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