When expecting a baby, everyone you know will likely want to share in the joyful occasion and pick up a gift. Whether you are having a baby shower or simply have many people who want to help, creating a baby registry can be a good (and helpful) idea for everyone involved.

How a Baby Registry Works

A baby registry is a list created by parents-to-be that are looking to make it easier for friends, family, and loved ones who wish to purchase a gift for the new baby. The parents will register with a specific retailer and create a list of items to add to their wish list. Then, they let everyone know where they have registered, and friends and family can use the registry to pick out a gift.

One of the nice things about baby registries is that they make getting everything needed for the new baby easier. Shoppers don’t have to guess what the parents want or need or even what someone has already purchased. As items are purchased that are listed on the registry, these items are either no longer listed on the wish list or shown as already purchased.

How to Use a Baby Registry

If you’re expecting a baby and decide to use a registry, you will want first to pick which retailer you want to register with. You’ll have a ton of options since many of the most well-known retailers offer registries that can be used by parents-to-be who wish to create a list of what they need.

Baby registries have traditionally only been something offered in-store, but many retailers have made things even simpler by allowing you to create a gift registry online. The basic process will involve filling out your contact information to create a registry profile and adding the items you want to your wish list. If you choose to do this in-store, you will also give your general personal information, such as your name and location, and then you will be given a handheld scanner to go through the store and scan items that you want on your list.

Once you have created your registry, you will have a unique-to-your-registry link to share with everyone. As people buy things from the list, those items will be shown as purchased. You can also go back and adjust the list as needed.

The Best Baby Registries to Consider

Most larger retailers such as Target, Amazon, and Walmart offer a baby registry. However, several other stores allow parents-to-be to create a wish list of baby items, such as Pottery Barn Kids and buybuy BABY, a subsidiary of Bed, Bath & Beyond.

As a secondary option, baby registry websites and apps allow parents to pick items from multiple retailers to add to an online baby registry. These registries work the same; the only difference is that gifters will see a wish list populated containing items from several stores instead of just one. Babylist and MyRegistry.com are a few examples of universal registries.

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How to Pick the Best Baby Registry

When it comes to picking a specific registry at a particular retailer, this can be a highly personalized decision. One of the primary decision-makers should be whether or not the people you know will feel comfortable shopping at a certain retailer or will have access to that specific retailer. This is one reason why an online registry can be a better option than strictly picking an in-store retailer where people will have to visit in person just to pick out a gift.

Another question to ask yourself is which retailer will have the best selection according to what you need for your upcoming bundle of joy. Some retail giants, like Amazon or Walmart, can have the widest selection to pick from. For example, suppose you know you want all organic cotton clothing and bedding, baby furniture designed by a specific manufacturer, or even just nursery decor with a particular character. In that case, larger retailers may be better places to register.

Some retailers also offer special perks that can make them more desirable. For example, buybuy BABY offers group gifting in which multiple buyers can pay a portion towards gifts over a specific price. Likewise, the Amazon baby registry provides free shipping for Prime members and a free “Welcome Box” with goodies for parents and babies.

Make Gifting Easy with a Baby on the Way

In the end, baby registries simplify the process of getting everything you need and making sure people around you know what you need. Be sure to take a few minutes to get familiar with baby registry options and populate a list of must-haves for your baby today


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