Baby Milestones and Development

Right after the birth of the baby, every parent gets very excited about baby’s growth. Mothers specifically get overwhelmed to see their little munchkin growing. My baby is just two and a half months and I am feeling like oh! When is he going to start talking? When will he hug me back? When I am going to see him walking and bla bla… During the first year babies grow at an amazing speed. You will see their weight getting double by 5-6 months. They start giving smile, rolling over, sitting up, standing and possibly walking. And your heart is likely going to melt, when you will hear the sound “mama” or “dada”. Each baby is different and develops at her own pace. Most of them reach a certain milestone at same ages and it’s completely normal for some babies to fall behind in some areas or be ahead in others. Milestones are only guidelines and keeping a track of baby’s growth is important. So if you think that your kiddo is falling behind at reaching a certain goal, you need not to worry. Keep calm and enjoy every moment without worries. Read More Indian Mom Blogs to get much more advice.

0-3 months: What to Expect:

The starting months are very crucial and play an important role in child’s growth. The initial months of sleepless nights will leave you exhausted and you might have seen plenty of your baby’s tears. By the end of their first months many babies make jerky and quirky movements. They tend to develop their hearing capacity and focus on objects that are 8-10 inches away.

By the end of the first month

• Make quivering arm movements
• Keep their fists tight
• Focus on objects that are 8-10 inches away
• Move head side to side
• Hear very well and recognize sounds.

By the end of the third month

• Raise head and chest when lying on stomach
• Stretch legs and kick when lying on stomach
• Open and shut hands
• Suck fists and bring hand to mouth
• Follow moving objects and people
• Begin to babble and imitate sounds
• Smiles back
• Enjoy playing and may cry when playing stops.

3-6 months: What to expect

After 3 months, you will find your little one growing and developing much faster. He starts making sounds and grasps objects or toys. My baby has started doing mini push-ups. Some of them may cut their first tooth and roll from tummy to back.

By the end of four months:

• Most babies holds up head steadily
• Coos when you talk to him
• Able to bear weight on legs
• Imitates sound such as “dada” or “baba”
• May sit temporarily without support
• May get anxious after seeing any stranger
• Recognizes own name

By the end of six months your baby gets ready to have solids. He start turning towards noises and sounds.

• Most babies rolls in both direction.
• Imitates sounds and blow bubbles.
• Reaches for objects and mouths them
• May lunge forward or start crawling
• May drag object towards him.

Moms, every child is different and your baby’s health care provider evaluates your baby’s development at each well-baby visit. Always remember to talk to your child’s doctor if you think your baby is lagging in growth, further you can visit Indian Parenting Blogs for more Tips regarding your Child.

Baby Milestones: what to expect


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