I am often being asked by family & friends on reasons behind being so bitter on social media. So, I thought, why not to clarify that I am NOT bitter, I am just honest. Over years, I have simply learned to draw a line based on my real life incidents. Let me share a few below:

1. People who Back Stab: Obviously, we all experience back stabber in our respective lives but when you run a business, you experience back stabbers of different level. For instance, I have experienced people who were a part of same business networking group as I was & instead of going through me, they freelanced work to my team member. My team member on the other hand, instead of coming to me, accepted the offer gladly & started working on the project. Not only this, he used company’s resources to complete his personal projects. When investigated, there were so many others in the team found guilty. We obviously had to fire most of them.
2. People who expect loyalty from you but have nothing to offer from their end: There is a very famous quote “I never knew I exist only when you need me.” At the very early stage of company, while the team was very small, there were 2 very strong headed ladies heading the operations. They were more like family rather than team mates. Imagine one turning her back when I delivered the baby 5 days back. I mean she disappeared completely & as a result, I had to resume work from the 7th day of my delivery. Not to forget that we paid her maternity dues well on time & were very patient during her extended maternity leaves. The other one was found running her own company during company’s productive hours. She in return spread the rumor of me being too cunning because I am “Punjabi”. 😉 I mean kya yaar!!!
3. Similar names: There is absolutely nothing wrong in being an entrepreneur but it all should be ethical. There is a couple who were a part of company before & are now running their company with a similar name & when asked why? They literally paused the domain for a while, assured that it will not happen again. Guess what? The domain was up & running in less than 10 days. I mean WOW!! I prefer not naming them here & give them unnecessary attention.
4. Relatives of different level: I understand that there can be many relatives working in same domains & it’s all fun & fine until the others stop acting secretive about the whole deal. I mean why not own it? Some of my extended relatives have the ethics to call me & ask for quotes for promoting their business & later I find them running a company in similar domain & offering same set of services. There is another category of relatives running the same company & having the audacity of turning back & asking me to prove company’s credibility. I mean ” Excuse me, who are you? & why should I?” I mean there is nothing wrong in owning a same business or taking the entrepreneur road but AT LEAST BE HONEST about it.
My religion & my family tells me to take it easy as “Jo tera hain, woh tere pass aayega khud hi, har roz.”
I mean anybody planning to earn a living by cheating & little lies then all I can say is “KARMA is a bitch, just wait for your turn.”
Let me assure that I have nothing against anyone & am living a secure life. I have faith in my own capabilities & can surely earn a living without cheating. Thank you mom for teaching the right values.

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