It’s sad to know and see certain men trying to dominate not only the women in their lives but also on random women in the society. They feel right to call random women and seek fucking friendship or cheesy conversations. I truly wish someone can slap them hard and tell them that it is NOT acceptable. For these men, it might be a simple pleasure but for the woman receiving these calls, can be very disturbing. It can actually impact the morale of the girl.

Now let’s quickly get started with some of the tried and tested tips that can help you to handle the situation better:

  1. Talk to your family: Yes, please do it! You will feel much better. The men in the family might help you with few calls and manage the situation better. So, please talk to family, friends… whosoever you feel comfortable with. The goal is share!!
  2. Invest in True caller or any phone data apps: Basically, these apps display caller’s information with you few seconds prior to the actual call. This will help you decide if you really want to take that call or just leave it unattended.
  3. Involve police: if the matter is really grave, I will surely recommend you to raise a complain in the nearest police station. Some police officials are considerate and genuine and do guide you on way to handle this better or they take the charge in their hands and act accordingly.
  4. Be Confident: Never ever loose your confidence or self esteem when dealing with such losers over phone. They are like sniffer dogs who can sense fear and will bother more if you are fearful so fcuk the fear and handle it confidently.
  5. An eye for an eye: Circulate the number in your closed group of friends and ask each of them to give this person 5 calls in every hour. Imagine the person receiving 10, 20 or 30 calls every hour for straight 7 to 8 hours. This should be enough torture for the person to understand and not do this again but if the call still happens, time to circulate the number of bigger platform.
  6. Mute calls: Have you ever been over those long holds by Airtel or Idea?? Man, they are really long and irritating!! So, if you are receiving calls from an idiot/ idiots and you are totally in no mood of shouting, arguing or reacting, just receive the call and put the call on mute. Keep doing this over an entire day. This should ideally stop after a day or two.
  7. Block that number: If there is 1 or 2 specific number from which you are receiving stupid calls, just block them. This will help you avoid the unnecessary drama.

I really hope that these tips help you and regain the peaceful life back.

Do you have any better idea? Is there anything in specific that you do to handle the situation better? Please feel free to add your points in order to help other sisters.


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