Today, most of us parents are stuck in our tight schedules. Thus, we are not able to take time to spend with the kids and help them with their assignments and other learnings. This is why parents are constantly worried about their children’s academic graph and whether they are performing well.

Fortunately, there are several education apps for parents to act as the ultimate savior of parents and help kids. These smartphone-based apps can help you track and monitor your child’s performance and collaborate with their teachers to get all insight. Here’s a list of the best educational apps for kids that actually help in the process.

Five best educational apps for kids

If you are looking for apps that will add actual value to your kid’s education sector and overall growth, then these are the best option for you:

Khan Academy

This is an app suitable for all ages covering every range of subjects, including engineering, science, math, humanities, arts, test, etc. The quizzes led for students help them develop their logic and learning capabilities.


For involving your kids in math games, Prodigy is a popular video game based on fantasy. It covers the math from the first to the eighth class. In addition, it introduces math to kids in a way that is interesting to them. The kids, while playing the game, learn spells from fantasy worlds.


Today developing a habit of self-study in kids is very important, and Quizlet helps parents do that. The apps let you review what your children have learned so far. Teachers and students can create study flashcards or carry multiple-choice tests for education betterment.

Busy Shapes

Busy shapes are the best educational apps for kids as it follows the Montessori method of learning. It focuses on the logical and reasoning skills of kids to help them relate to object. The learnings here even help them manipulate their brains for finding answers.

It is the best all-rounder app for preschoolers. The app contains hundreds of activities, games, and videos related to science, math, and art. So, if looking to prepare your kid for kindergarten, download this.

Advantages of installing education app

There are not one but several reasons why every parent must install the best educational apps for kids. These apps improve kids’ education system and make it easy for them to grasp things and remember them for long. In fact, using educational apps, it is easy to understand concepts rather than attending lectures in the classroom or using books.
The benefits mainly include:

• Proper utilization of leisure hours: eLearning acts as a great way to impart education as well as act as a source of entertainment for kids’ leisure time. So, rather than wasting time on TV or the internet, they can learn new things in the app.

• 24×7 availability: Tuition and school both have a working limit, but when using learning apps, your kids are able to clear their doubts as soon as they arise.

• Portability: As the apps are smartphone-based, parents and students can carry them to any place and at any time. In short, education is not only limited to homes and classes.

• Reducing gaps: As there is no time for one-to-one communication with teachers’ parents always feel a gap. But this can be filled using an educational app as they are instantly notified about the change in schedule, event, or announcement.

• Quality interaction: Phones have a lot of features that enhance the interest of children like Alexa. As a result, students tend to learn more using them and feel comfortable asking questions without fear.


If you successfully download the best learning app for your kids, it has the potential to brighten up the education environment of your kids. In fact, it can strengthen parent-teacher communication and help kid transform their future.


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