Your smartphone is capable of far more than you realize. It may be a game-changer to use the correct applications. If a woman is a stay-at-home mom or a career woman, several applications may help her keep informed. A smartphone is essential for women to enjoy their “me time in today’s hectic schedule.” Here, we have compiled a list of the top 5 apps every woman should carry on her phone to simplify her life.

Period tracker or My pill

You must surely turn your phone into more than simply a friend as a female. It also should be a personal journal or alert for sensitive topics, including the date of your next period or other matters. My Pill or Period Tracker boosts your odds of health, particularly when you are active sexually. This is because you can monitor your menstruation, conception, or safe times, lowering your risk of unplanned pregnancies. Also, MyPill alerts you to take your medication and arrange yearly check-up appointments.


Flipboard is among the most essential top 5 apps every woman should carry on her phone. It consolidates the news you care about into a single, easy-to-access area. When you install the app, you may choose the sorts of articles you want to read, and Flipboard will create “magazines” of current news for you, depending on your preferences. It’s a terrific way to organize your news while also staying up to date on the most important topics to you.

Big Basket

Big Basket works with all of the biggest supermarket brands to ensure that only high-quality items reach our doorways. The app owns over 10,000 grocery goods, so anything you have mentioned in the shopping list will likely be found here. You may obtain everything on the web, from fresh veggies to fruits and dairy products, with the most acceptable delivery methods in place when bringing the supplies.

Skin Bliss: Cosmetics & Beauty

As the name suggests, it is among the most outstanding applications for women to have. Skin Bliss is a distinctive app that focuses on providing you with bright skin. The application can assist you in choosing the correct products to suit your skin tone. Also, it can help you monitor the effectiveness of the cosmetics. The application’s UI is excellent, and it is simple to learn and utilize. With this software, you can identify cosmetics that are sensitive to particular skin and items that are potentially damaging to your skin.


The safety of women is among the most pressing issues these days. There are other safety software applications, but MySafetypin is unique. Mysafetypin is another of the best 5 apps every woman should carry on her phone. It assists women in making safer mobility options depending on an area’s protection ranking. The software analyses a location’s safety ranking and assists women in deciding to visit or not to enter the region.


Women have a lot of things to do in their daily lives, irrespective of their occupation. Be it a working woman or a housewife, everyone needs some relaxation in their lives. So, we have listed the best top 5 apps every woman should carry on her phone to simplify their life.


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