Finally after long nine months your baby is now in your arms. Those tiny fingers, little toes and blushing eyes are enough to make your heart melt. Meanwhile, when all of your family members are busy caring for the baby, your mother might get quite worried about the post delivery care.

After Delivery Care in India is something which is of utmost importance in India. It has followed in India for generations. The new mom and the baby have to stay at home for certain amount of time which is followed by some restrictions after delivery. It is important because the new mother needs time to recover and sudden exposure to the outer atmosphere may cause infections to the baby and the mother.

After delivery care for mothers in India consists maalish of the mother, her diet, her clothing and bathing and her rest. If you are wondering how to take care of a new mom near you after her delivery, here are some handy tips:

#1. A Jaapa Maid for Massages

Hire Midwives or Dais or Japa maids for for 2-3 months. Dais mostly come from rural parts of India and are traditionally trained to take care of the mother and baby. They are expert is massaging the mother and baby which strengthen the muscles. Massaging helps in keeping the baby warm. Massaging during the first 40 days helps to tone the body and firm up the loose skin after delivery.

If you had a normal delivery, you might feel weak in the lower portion of the body. Massaging the back , hip and waist area ensures that your lower body gains strength.

#2. Bathing

After delivery, the new mother needs support and assistance in bathing. The nurses and midwives help the mother in bathing without harming the stitches. The incisions heal and dry at a slow pace.

If you have a normal delivery, you can take a betadine bath as it helps in healing the stitches fast. You may also try hot water bath to reduce the pain of your waist and hip. After delivery care is a must in India. If proper care is not taken within the first 40 days after delivery , chances are that the women might face frequent backaches later in her life.

#3. A lots of Rest

The most important part of this confinement period is rest. It may become boring to you after few weeks of delivery . But we will advise you to sleep as much as you can. It is the best recovery and healing medicine for your body. Later you will die to get these restful day back. The baby might not let you sleep well during the night as he is yet to get accustomed to the day and night part. So sleep when the baby sleeps.

#4. Comfortable Clothing

Comfort clothing is another most vital factor accountable for after delivery care.

As a new mother you should wear loose fitting clothes. Clothes with a front opening makes the feeding process easy. Prefer a nursing bra underneath clothes . Many new mothers avoid wearing bras during this period for the ease of feeding. But it is important to wear nursing bras to support the breasts. So please take good care. Women lose a lot of blood and placental lining after childbirth and this process goes on for about 40 days. She must wear comfortable underwear with panty liners to avoid staining. Wearing a scarf around head and ears speeds up the healing process and keeps your body warm.

#5. Intimacy

Most doctors advise the patients to resist from having sexual intercourse during this time as it can affect the healing process. Additionally, a doctor recommends patients to keep a gap of at least three years between two pregnancies so that the mother’s body can replenish its nutrients and is strong enough to bear the child again. After 2 -3 months restriction your body will be ready for inter course. Proper contraception should used to assure that you do not acquire another pregnancy immediately.


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