Seasons are changing & format is changing too!! I am super excited to share…

Hope the change of seasons are making some of you happy while the rest like my family are not very happy about it.

So, last week was all about Work & helping Kids preparing for exams. Honestly, I am feeling the exam pressure & totally not liking it. Who invented this crazy, competitive stuff? Sometimes, I can’t stop but to ponder over WHY would anyone do this? Why do we as a society need to compare & rank everyone? Why not let everyone pursue their respective callings & passions. Maybe if we do that, this world can be a better place. Place with more kindness, love & empathy towards each other.

If you look into the practicality of it, are all the toppers playing life at their own terms? Are all the mediocres dragging themselves in life? Not True!! You & I, have so many fabulous examples around us…examples of hard workers, smart workers, blessed workers, who in spite of all the odds have made the life of their dreams. So, again back to me wondering …WHY Exams?

Anyhow, I have good news to share. I am very elated to share that our team is getting bigger. From being a personal blog, we are stepping in community / public blog wherein other women (so far only women) will be sharing about their journeys, learnings, experiences & so much more! So, keep a very close watch on this space as it gets busier with enriching stories.

The goal was & is to help each other grow. Help you delete those predefined boundaries, challenge yourself as a better person & make the most out of your life. Don’t let anything stop you from becoming better. With this, I really want you guys to practice as much kindness as you can because more than money, this world needs good human beings.

Until we get super active here,
Mansi Rana


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