Love your children Confidently

Parents love their children unconditionally and think the best for them. Every parent, once in the lifetime faces many challenges raising a kid. When it comes to managing child’s behavior, parents often get pissed off at some point of time. All parents want their child to flourish and grow. As we love our children so much, it’s easy to show our love in big gestures- giving those expensive gifts, taking them to amusement park or throwing a big birthday party. We need to understand that the real treasure of love doesn’t lie in these materialistic things but in giving them the gift of our time and loving them confidently.

Here are the tips to love your children confidently and let them thrive:

1. Encourage them to play: Parents love to organize a learning environment for kids so as to maximize their development. Kids these days are full of after sports activities like sports, music and swimming lessons. They do not get much time to go outside. Encouraging your kids to move out and be close to nature is great for boosting up their confidence. Teach them to climb trees and browsing their neighborhood.

2. Allow them to be in their own psychological space: Give your kids some space to bloom. Sometimes parents know too much about their kid’s life. Interfering too much in their lives may create a suffocating environment for them. Space gives them chance to solve their problems on their own and develop their own confidence.

3. Inherit confidence not anxiety: Recently I overheard my neighbor asking her daughter who was going for a dance competition, “You are not going to be anxious.” Are you? If the girl wasn’t anxious already, her mother inculcated the vibration of anxiety in her head. Children generally inherit their behavior from parents. SO be careful about what to say in front of them. It’s better to cue your child to be brave and confident.

4. Let them to teach you something: Asking your kids to teach something boosts confidence in them. Kids, who teach their parents how to do something that they are good at, develop high skilled mindset.

5. Solve Problem Together: While kids are solving their everyday problems like dealing with a stubborn classmate or sharing a workspace with children they don’t like; sitting down with them and working their way to solve some of their problems helps them to trust you. This way kids get the benefit of your wisdom.

6. Ask them to help you: Nothing displays deep faith and love in a child’s ability like a humble request for help. Ask your kid for a helping hand in your daily works like washing clothes, cooking or doing utensils. This is what I call a show of a faith!

7. Make them tough and strong: Don’t make your kid a delicate darling. Life in this century is very smooth for all of us. Teach them the meaning of discomfort so that they get ready to drive on the toughest roads of life.

8. Never leave an argument without saying “I Love you”: Arguments are a part of our day to day life. There will be days when you and your kid will get into an argument. Being a parent, always remember that you have to be a bigger person. Make them feel comfortable by loving them right after a fight. This small gesture will bring their faith back in you.

Love your children Confidently


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