Every child is blessed with some natural virtues and qualities. We, humans, are far more creative than other species. Kids often love to live in their world of thoughts and imaginations. Their creative ability, sometimes, is difficult for us to understand. Children usually start showing their creative skills at a very early age by exploring new objects and inventing their tools by using toys. As they start growing, they get anxious about their surroundings. This stage is the best to let them know the power of creativity.

Many of us think that creativity is something kids are born with. Kids either have them or they do not. But I think creativity is more of a skill than an inborn talent. And parents are the main pillars to inculcate this skill in kids.

Here are some easy ideas to develop your kids creatively:

1. Design a creative corner at home: Allot a space for kids to paint and carve their thoughts. A corner that lets them pour out their imagination. It could be a creative space with lots of colors, boxes, arts and crafts material. Provide them with the resources to express. Ask them to design a small box or paint a clay pot for gifting purposes.

2. Spend some playtime with them: Involve yourself in their activities. Ask them how to play a cool trick or paint. Exchange ideas and storylines. This would help them to expand their thinking abilities. They get more immersed in the games and flesh out new characters and plots making things more interesting.

3. Allow Freedom to Kids: Avoid being bossy. Don’t overstress yourself with the fear of your kids getting kidnapped. Allow them to think outside the box. Making them walk within the lines may reduce the flexibility of thinking. Let them spend some “me-time” and manage things on their own.

4. Encourage them to participate: Be it a social event or a school annual function, push your kids to actively participate in such social gatherings. Limit the use of electronic gadgets and social media so that they can make room for dance, music and drama rehearsals. This would help them to get involved and learn more from surroundings.

5. Let them be Divergent: Don’t ever judge your kid if he is on a different page. Disagreement is completely normal. Let them find another route to reach the destination. Clash of opinions will help them find a new and better way to solve a problem.

6. Teach them to make mistakes and fail: Failure teaches us the importance of success. Let your kids fail. Those who are afraid of failure and judgment will restrain their creative thinking. Share your mistakes and experience with them, to let them have an idea that it’s okay to fail.

7. Support them to Pursue their passion: Always support your kids to follow their passion. Encourage them to take risks and pursue what their heart wants. To provide the society with ambitious adults, it’s important to encourage risk-taking students, who are willing to walk out of the line to achieve success.

The way to creative thinking is freedom of exploration. Be flexible, open-minded and positive. All these traits will help your kid to grow differently. Imagination affects every aspect of life, and the journey to the future begins with the classrooms of today.

7 ways to inculcate creativity in kids


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