We, as a parent, always want our kids to excel. Provide every facility to them which we couldn’t get to accomplish the homework efficiently. And as a parent, we always want to set a good example for our kids. Schools have skillful and trained teachers to tackle this situation, but what about us? Some of us are already occupied with both office and household jobs. How can we make sure that our busy schedule doesn’t affect our child’s homework schedule? Well, we have come up with the idea of Best 5 Tips to Tackle Homework.


First thing first, prepare a timetable before commencing any work. The best way to do the task is not how you do it but how you approach it. A pre-planned work is done much easier and more effectively. Pick the difficult task first. It would be easier for you to manage the difficult task when you are most alert allowing you to compile the rest of the work afterward. So, now that you have identified the tasks based on their difficulties, schedule them and start working on them.


Never be in a rush. Always remember that homework is not just a task to be accomplished but to be remembered as a life lesson. After completion of a topic, try to take a small break and apply it in a practical world. This way of learning makes the work fun and interesting. For instance, If you have read something related to force in physics, try to figure it out on a youtube video or maybe try it by yourself too.


Always keep a water bottle with you while doing homework. This will not only keep you hydrated but helps you focus more. Study shows that hydrating yourself during any activity maintains your body temperature to what is required. There are times when your brain starts feeling tiresome, or a question starts giving you stress, resulting in distraction from the topic. This is where a little sip of water could help you. But, Hey! Do not over hydrate yourself, you don’t want to end up staying in a restroom.


This is probably one of the best parts of Homework, Rewarding yourself. Once you get finished with your work, give yourself the reward of honor. For example, engage yourself in an activity you like the most like playing outside, reading storybooks or novels, watching TV, sketching and painting, etc. This will not only help you in replenishing your energy but also encourages you for the next time.


One most common mistake that we all have made once in our lifetime is not realising that a lot of productivity in Homework depends on the place and environment we chose to study. It is said “Like attracts Like” and nobody would like to study in a place occupied with loud noise and unnecessary activities. This is why Libraries are considered the best way to study where the environment fully focuses on just studying. Unless you don’t have easy access to the library, try to find the silent part of your house for your kid and provide him complete privacy.

Adapt to these 5 tips to tackle the homework and see the difference on your own. Don’t hesitate to take advice or help from your elders, they are always the best guide for you. All these 5 practices help create a new level of adrenaline rush in your brain the next time you hear the word “HOMEWORK”.


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