Everyone is conscious about eating healthy food these days. Thanks to the Indian Parenting blogs on vegetarian food available on the internet these days, the thought of even seeing something like a cheese sandwich or burger is considered a cardinal sin. That is a bit too harsh as these things can be had once in a while. Overindulgence is strictly prohibited especially during summers as these would throw up more problems than you can imagine. Many of us follow a food routine that can be a bit tough to deviate from. However, to be healthy we need to make certain compromises.


The prevailing food discipline reminds us of granny’s fetish for eating fresh, seasonal produce. These things are even available on most parenting blogs in India. These blogs write in detail about the virtues of having fresh and seasonal vegetables. Now you will think what’s so special about eating foods that are in season? The reason is simple: they are very flavourful and nutritious.


Now, summer is approaching fast and it brings a lot of inconveniences for everyone. So, it becomes imperative to have things that are going to keep your tummy cool and clean. So, let’s find out the ideal food items to be consumed during the scorching summer.


5 edible things to consume this summer



Melons happen to be the coolest things to consume this summer and a staple diet on the majority of Indian vegetarian food blogs. These can be used in salads, desserts, smoothies, etc. These are very easy on the stomach, ideal to shed weight, and extremely useful for preventing several health woes such as cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, and common colds.


Bottle Gourd

This would not come across as attractive to many but it’s perfect for weight loss. It has got calcium, 

Vitamin A, C, magnesium, and folate. This vegetable is also good for tackling high blood pressure, keeping the heart sturdy, and is well known for purifying blood.


Salad leaves

This one is a must-have during summer. Rocket leaves, Amaranth leaves, basil, and the rest of the summer herbs should be put in a salad bowl and mixed with yogurt to conjure up a magical salad. These are rich in nutrition and adequate to shed the excess baggage on your stomach.


Aam Pana

Aam Pana drink is a good weapon to fight digestive disorders and chronic stomach woes like Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). These can be made at home but quantities of sugar and salt have to be within the prescribed limit.


Mint lemon water

Another drink to beat the heat. A glass of mint water with lemon extracts works magic upon anyone. It can cleanse the liver, drive up metabolism and be a perfect remedy for low appetite as well.


Barley Water

This is also perfect for summer. However, it might come across as something insipid for a few. So, they can add a drop of lemon or honey for taste. As barley water contains fiber in abundance, it can eliminate constipation and keep a check on your appetite as well.


So, these are some of the food items you should have this summer. These are only a few and there could be more. However, these things are very essential to have in case you want to survive the onslaught of this summer.


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