Infertility is becoming as common as Diabetes and high blood pressure in the world. As many as 2.5 crores of Indians, both male and female are facing issues with normal fertility and conception and this number is rising every single day.

While there are no conclusive causes or reasons as to why there are so many cases of infertility, it can mostly be attributed to the modern lifestyle. Infertility can be treated in both men and women by fertility specialists and in case of conception, the IVF Center in Delhi is one of the best places for conceiving through medical treatments or assisted conception.

IVF is one of the most prominent methods that couples use to conceive a child and has a high success rate but with many contributing factors such as couples age, overall health, cause of infertility, etc.

IVF – Introduction

In-Vitro Fertilization is a method that is used by fertility specialists to enhance the chance of conception outside the body where the factors of fertilization can be controlled rather than inside the human body. This is why the process is referred to as In-vitro.

What Are the 5 Stages of IVF A Complete Guide

In this process, the man or the woman or both of them could be the cause of the lack of conception. In most cases, it is a combination of both the patients. In such a scenario where there is no real treatment for fertility or when all the other techniques have failed, IVF can be one of the best solutions to conceive naturally.

In an IVF Consultation, the specialist explains the entire process to the clients and helps them in understanding the process and the various steps that need to be taken to complete the treatment.

IVF is a very meticulous process with many controlling variables and many other variables that cannot be controlled. The patients are asked to come after basic treatments using hormone boosters to help produce a healthy egg and sperm which can be used for the process.

Many cycles of ovulation may be observed and enhanced with the use of hormone tablets and injections to retrieve the best egg and the best quality sperm from the parents.

Stages of IVF

There are 5 stages of conceiving through IVF as practiced by most IVF centers in Delhi the specialists:


The first step is to help enhance the quality of the egg by the use of hormones that help in stimulating the follicles to develop a healthy follicle, then the right hormones for egg maturation and the lining of the uterus to be receptive for implantation.

Retrieving the Egg

Once a healthy egg matures, they are retrieved using a needle probe through a USG device. If there are multiple eggs, they may be retrieved as well to improve the chances of conception. Eggs are placed in a culture medium to let them mature and meanwhile, washed, high-quality sperms are collected from the semen of the father for fertilization.


The sperms and eggs are mixed so that they naturally fertilize the egg and an embryo is formed. ICSI is another way to create embryos if the quality of sperm is low.

Transferring Embryo

The embryo once the fertilization occurs and is successful, is transferred back into the uterus of the mother and an embryo may implant into the lining of the uterus


The last step is waiting for the results while continuing to take medication.

What Are the 5 Stages of IVF A Complete Guide


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