Been a long time since no post or story from this end.

As you would have read the title, this post is all about the New Venture (2Dreamz) I have recently partnered in. This venture has surely raised many eyebrows about why, how & what by lots of people in my network so what’s better than a long post to address the answered questions.

Let’s start with WHY?

There is a little story that gave life to the thought of initiating something like this. The intention behind this was to restore lost confidence of a dear friend, restore faith in friendship, lay example for people to understand the meaning of empowering others & diverse your portfolio as an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, I have been a part of service industry which was Skill intensive & I was always quite curious to explore success chances in service industry that was product intensive & here I am. 🙂

Why Salon & Nail Studio?

You know when you are a little kid, you dream about so many endless roles & career options & venturing into spaces that revolve around imagination & magic. So, fast forward a lot of years, life gave me an opportunity, opportunity to make a childhood dream come true & guess what? I grabbed it!! I grabbed it happily and with positive intentions, I trained my mind for this & rest is history.

WHAT 2Dreamz is about?

As the name suggest there are TWO dreams involved here. One dream is of a client looking at getting the services done, a place where they can be extensively pampered. We wanted to offer something that gives them a happy feeling & eventually they feel like staying back for some more time & when they leave, they truly feel rejuvenated & fresh. Second dream was ours that was when people leave, they leave with a happy heart & happy pocket. Happy Heart will help them refer us to their family & friends. Happy Pocket will help them come back again & frequently 😉 !!

HOW this started?

The idea was visioned & sealed on 22nd July 2019 & we inaugurated the Salon on 11th Aug 2019. It happened to quick to realise. We simply kept jumping from one milestone to another without regretting the last step. All in all, we were lucky to find the right place, right team & eventually created the set up of our dreams.

Its been 3 successful weeks of 2Dreamz up & running & trust me, this project gives me a sense of fulfillment like no other project I have undertaken till date.

I hope this post was helpful if you ever were curious about 2Dreamz.

Something I would like to mention here is that Don’t Judge the book by its cover. If you have the capacity, feel free to take risk.

You can follow the baby venture here:


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