Breastfeeding is one of the most nurturing acts that you will be doing as a mother. Breastfeeding is extremely good for a newborn. It gives nutrition like nothing else. It also acts as a protection against various diseases. However, if this is the first time you are becoming a mother then there are certain things that you must know and keep in mind. Here are some newborn breastfeeding tips that will help you.

  1. Know your Baby’s Desire

Crying is not the only to understand a child is hungry. Rather, see if your kid is repeatedly turning or raising the head, opening and closing their mouth, sticking their tongue, or sucking things. These are signs that your baby is hungry.

  1. Let Your Baby Decide their Feeding Time

Do not go by any predetermined feeding rule. Remember, not every kid has the same habit. Just because he/she is not hungry within a specific time does not mean something is wrong. Let them decide when they want to be fed.

  1. Make Yourself Feeding Ready

Yes, this is your first time and you might not feel comfortable feeding all the time. Make a comfortable place to sit so that you do not get back or neck pain while feeding your baby. This is an important newborn breastfeeding tips for you as a mother.

  1. Relax

If you want to have a comfortable nursing session then try to relax while feeding your baby. Your baby connects to you while breastfeeding. If you stay nervous or tense, your baby will quickly understand that.

  1. Choose a Right Position for Your Baby

Your baby must be comfortable too while you are breastfeeding him/her. Your baby will make themselves comfortable while breastfeeding. Notice the position and if there is a problem in the future, help them to adjust to that position. This is one of the most important newborn breastfeeding tips.

  1. Leaking is a Natural Phenomenon

Leaking is quite natural in during the first few weeks. Your breast can leak in several situations. For example, hearing a baby cry, not feeding your baby for long, or even thinking of your baby.

  1. Take Care of Your Breast Skin

Your breast skin is thin and delicate. When you regularly breastfeed your baby then there are chances that it may become dry chapped, or cracked. You may also feel irritation. There are several products in the market that you can use. Try them.

  1. Understand if the Breastfeeding is Working Well

There are signs that you will need to know to understand if breastfeeding is going well. Look into your baby’s health, see the way he/she sucks and swallows, and see if your baby is falling asleep after feeding them. These will help you to understand if breastfeeding is going well.


As a new mother, there will be many things to learn in the entire journey of motherhood. Breastfeeding is one of the primary things to learn. You will automatically understand your baby’s needs and wants once you start connecting to your baby. But we hope our newborn breastfeeding tips help you too.


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