The culture of relationships in teens has reached to another level. From emotional stress to teen pregnancy, serious teen relationships cause a hell lot of problems and stress. Insisting a too much control on your teen may turn them rebellious and they may fall out of your hands. However to prevent these relationships, you must have a delicate balance of trust and control over your teen. If you are looking for ways to stop your teen’s love life from moving too fast, you must tailor your approach that is appropriate for your teen as well. Parents must read some Indian Parenting Blog to stay updated with parenting tips.

Stopping a teenager to fall into a serious relationship maybe tough. But indeed, it is one of the most crucial thing to be done in order to shape their future. So, today we are going to tell you some ways to set up boundaries and stop your teens from falling into “so-called” serious relationships.

#1. Set the Rules : A straight no will have a reverse effect. Setting up some rules and guidelines from the very beginning will help you solving the purpose. Be friendly and set up some age limits for partners. Have an open door policy at home. Even when your teen is hanging out with friends at home , ask him to keep the door open. These rules can help prevent the flow of a serious relationship. Be friendly and reasonable but your teen must know the outcomes of breaking the rules.

#2. Talk openly with your teen : While you set rules, it is equally important to explain your teens the reason behind. As your teens are entering adulthood, they need to feel the respect and trust. Ask them openly about their relationships and listen to them. Tell them that your denial to relationships is not because of lack of trust or faith. But you simply want them to enjoy the teenage and focus on the journey of adulthood and not on someone else.

#3. Discuss Intimacy: Have the guts to openly discuss intimacy with teens.Despite your best efforts, if your teen is diving headfirst into serious relationships, there’s an increased chance that she’ll get intimate with partner. At the very least, make sure that if it does happen, it’s safe. You can do this by educating your child about birth control, sexually transmitted diseases and proper protection.

#4. Develop a sense of trust : Don’t criticize or insult your teen’s relationship. It’s easy to mark emotions of a teenager as “puppy love” or “infatuation,” but keep in mind that those feelings are completely legitimate for your teen, and they may have been legitimate to you at one time in your life. Besides, minimizing your child’s feelings is a surefire way to put emotional distance between the two of you.

The Takeway

Helping and encouraging your teen to develop a positive sense of self, or personal identity is crucial. Support her endeavors and interests including hobbies and extracurricular activities. Teens who have a sense of self-worth and value themselves are less likely to try to “find themselves” in other people. Get the child parenting tips only at


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