Pregnancy brings a lots of physical changes in the body of a woman. Swollen feet, heavy breasts, hairfall, weight gain and what not. These changes are so rapid that at a blink of an eye, your whole body transforms completely. One major change that every woman experience during pregnancy is breast enlargement.

During those nine months, your breast may get bigger by the size of a cup. Mommies, it is this harmone “estrogen” that has to be blamed for enlarging your milk ducts. Once you stop feeding your baby, these milk ducts shrink but the skin remains as it is. As a result, breast sag due to higher skin to tissue ratio.

Breast sagging also depends upon the age and the DNA of every woman. If you are in your early 40’s, chances are that your breast will loose their elasticity. But the good news is, breast sagging can be minimized certainly. So mommies, today we are going to tell you what measure you should take to prevent breast sagging and get back into your shape.

#1. A supportive Bra

We completely understand the pain of sore breast during pregnancy. Wearing a bra gets really tough in those days but if you want to maintain your shape, you must wear a bra throughout and after pregnancy. Choose good quality and well fitted bra to support your breast tissues.

#2. Yoga works wonders

Once you are done with all the resting after delivery, start working out. Indulge in some powerful yogasanas to strengthen your back muscles. Planks, side planks and warrior poses will make your pecs muscle stronger and induce weight loss. Toned pactoral muscles can hold the breast tissues and make your breasts perkier.

#3. Watch your Diet

Say no to junk. Ofcourse you had a lot of balanced diet during your pregnancy and after birth. But that doesn’t mean you will indulge in your favorite plate of pasta and chocolate brownies. Ditch those fatty foods and eat clean. A diet full of nutrients will restore your skin’s natural elasticity.

#4. Stay Hydrated

Water, water and water. Have atleast 8 glasses of this magical drink everyday. It has all the powers to make your skin firm and tight and reduces blemishes. Keep yourself hydrated inside out. Stay away from caffeine and sodas as they make your skin more prone to sagging. You can also apply a skin hydrating moisturizer twice daily to reduce breast sagging.

#5. Maintain a correct feeding posture

A bad or incorrect feeding posture also contributes into saggy breasts. If you are a breastfeeding mom, you must try to maintain a good feeding posture. Buy a feeding pillow to raise your baby to your breast level and support feeding. Try to keep your back, shoulder and arms straight and supported.

In a Nutshell

If you are also struggling to deal with saggy breasts, these tips are surely going to help you. Exercise regularly and eat a balance diet to loose those extra pounds and get back into your original shape.


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