Many people believe in astrology and numerology to understand different aspects of life. Today, we view astrology in a more scientific way and realize its underworking. In astrology or numerology, you can find a lot of things that give deeper meaning to your life. You can also get your rashi by name letter. In Indian astrology, you can get the rashi of your child based on date of birth and timing, and use those rashis to figure out the appropriate first letter of name.

Still today, many parents depend on astrology to give their child a name. And if you are also looking for astrological guidance to  give your child a meaningful name, keep reading. In this article, we will help you to know different ways for finding the first letter of baby names based on the date of birth.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is a practice related to divination that observe Sun, Moon, other planetary positions and alignment to predict human life or other earthly events. Many Hindu people believe that knowing the planetary positions with their influences on various earthly matters can help humans to predict the future and affect the destiny of humans, society and nation. Astrology can help to determine baby names based on date of birth.

In older times, astrology was considered to be a scientific method. But with the advent of western science, it has become diametrically oppositional to the recent scientific findings.

Zodiac signs as per astrology –

There are a total of 12 Astrological signs according to Indian or Vedic astrology. These astrological signs are also known as zodiac signs. Twelve zodiac signs are further divided by four natural elements: water, earth, fire and air.

Signs according to the elements:

  • Water – Signs falls under water element are cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. People born under these zodiac signs are imaginative, creative, loyal, artistic, intuitive and passionate.
  • Earth – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn falls under earth element. People born under these zodiac signs are grounded, hardworking, family oriented, creative, loyal and down-to-earth.
  • Fire – Signs falls under fire element are Sagittarius, Aries and Leo. People with these zodiac signs are passionate, impulsive, zealous and big hearted.
  • Air – Gemini , Aquarius and Libra falls under air element. People born under air element are intelligent, witty, versatile and artistic.

Zodiac signs:


 According to Indian astrology Aries (Mesh) is the first astrological sign among 12 Astrological signs.

The constellation of Aries sign looks like a Ram’s head. People born between March 20 to April 19 falls under this zodiac sign. If you know your baby ‘s zodiac signs you can use a name calculator to give a new baby name.

Names starting with A, L, Ch syllable are suitable for Aries sign.


Taurus is the second astrological sign in Hindu astrology. In vadic astrology Taurus is known as Vrishabha. The constellation of Taurus is looking like Bull.

People born between April 20 to May 19 are falls under Taurus sign. Using name calculator you can find suitable name for your baby.

The alphabets like U, O, I, E and sellable like Wo, Wi, We and Wa are suitable for Taurus baby names based on date of birth.


The 3rd astrological sign is Gemini. The constellation of Gemini appears as twins. Gemini is called Mithuna in Vedic astrology.

People born between May 20 to June 19 are falls under Gemini zodiac signs.

Names starting with Gh, Ko, Ke, Ka, A and H are suitable for Gemini new baby name.


The fourth astrological sign is Cancer. Cancer is popularly known as Karkata in Vedic astrology. The constellation of Cancer looks like a crab.

People born between June 20 to July 19 falls under Cancer. And names starting with He, Hu, Hi, Ho, Da, De and Di are preferable for Cancer babies. You can use name calculator to find suitable name for your baby.


Leo is the fifth astrological sign. In Vedic astrology Leo is called Simha. The constellation of Leo appears as the loin or head of the lion.

People who born between July 20 to August 19 falls under Leo sign.

Names starts with Ta, Te, To, Ma, Me, Mo are suitable for Leo signs.


Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign according to the Indian astrology. The sign is called Kanya in Vedic astrology. Virgo constellation looks woman. People born between August 20- September 19 are falls under the Virgo sign.

New baby name starting with Pa, Po, Pe, Ta, Te, Sh and Se are ideal for Virgo babies.


In Vedic astrology, the zodiac sign Libra is known as Tula. It is the seventh sign of the zodiac and is symbolised by the weighing machine. People born under the dates 19th September to 20th October belongs to this star sign.

 Ra, Re, Ta, Ro, To and Te are auspicious first letters for naming babies born in this time period.


Scorpio star sign is called Vruschika in Vedic astrology. The constellation of Scorpio is symbolised by a scorpion. People born between 20th October and 19th November belong to Scorpio zodiac sign.

Auspicious first letters for new baby name born during this time are- To, Ye, Ya, Yo, Ne, No and Na.


The ninth sign of the zodiac is Sagittarius also known as Dhanu in Indian astrology. The constellation of Sagittarius is represented by the half human- half horse, celestial archer. People born under the dates- 20th November to 19th December belong to this star sign.

Ye, Bh, Dh, Yo, Ph and Ta are considered auspicious first letters for baby names born during this period.


The star sign of Capricorn also known as Makar in Indian astrology is the tenth zodiac sign. The zodiac sign of Capricorn is symbolised by a Sea Goat. People born between 20th December and 20th January come under this zodiac sign.

Auspicious first letters for new baby name born during this period are- Ga, Bh, Ja, Ge, Kh and Je.

Aquarius –

The zodiac sign of Aquarius is famously known as Kumbha in Vedic astrology. The constellation of Aquarius is symbolised by a celestial water career. People born under the dates- 20th January to 19th February belong to this star sign.

Go, Da, Ge, Se, Sa and So are considered lucky first letters for baby names born during this time.


Pisces is the last zodiac sign among the 12 zodiac signs. The constellation of Pisces star sign appear like two fishes Pulling/swimming in opposite directions. People born under the dates February 20th to March 19th falls under this zodiac sign.

Names starts with De, Th, Ya, Ja and Ch are suitable for Pisces babies. There are also various astrological name finder available in different online platform that you can use to find appropriate baby names based on date of birth.

Names according to the Nakshatra –

Nakshatras also play a crucial role in Indian astrology. Just like the twelve zodiac signs, the 27 nakshatras also affect different aspects of human life and earthly events. They are also essential to predict human life, future and other things. That is why the nakshatras also have importance in naming a child. The 27 nakshatras have different characteristics and influences on humans. So, people can decide babies’ name according to the nakshatra a baby was born under.

The ideal way to choose a baby name is to pick the common alphabet or syllable their zodiac signs and nakshatras has. Here is a list of nakshatras with their suitable first letter of name.

  1. Aswini Nakshatra – Chu, Che, Cho and La are the suitable first letter for babies born under Aswini Nakshatra.
  2. Bharani Nakshatra – Lee, Li, Lo, Le and Lu are ideal for Child’s under Bharani Nakshatra.
  3. Kritika Nakshatra – E, Ee, A, Aa, Ai, If and U are suggested for Kritika born babies.
  4. Rohini Nakshatra – Ve, VA, Vi, Wu, Waa, Vee and O are ideal for babies born under Rohini Nakshatra.
  5. Mrughashira Nakshatra – Ka, Kee, Ve, Vo and We and suitable for Mrughashira Nakshatra people.
  6. Arda Nakshatra– Kam, Ku, Cha, Ku, Na, Gha and Da are good for the babies born under the Arda Nakshatra.
  7. Punarvasu Nakshatra – Ko, Ka, Kee, Ha and Hee are suggested for babies born under the Punarvasu Nakshatra.
  8. Pushya Nakshatra – Ho, He da and Hu for pushya born babies.
  9. Ashlesha Nakshatra – Du, De, Me, Da, Di, Do and Dee for babies born under Ashiesha.
  10. Magha Nakshatra – Ma. Mi, Me, Mu, Maa.
  11. Purva phalguni Nakshatra – Ta, Ti, Tu, Mo, Tee, Taa.
  12. Uttara phalguni – Pi, Pa, Ta, To, Te, Paa, Taa.
  13. Hasta Nakshatra – Pu, Sha, Na, Poo, Tha, Shaa.
  14. Chitra Nakshatra– Ra, Ri, Pe, PO, Raa, Ro.
  15. Swathi Nakshatra- Roo, Taa, Ta, Ro, Ru, Re.
  16. Vishakha– Too, Tee, Ti, Te, Tu, Tae.
  17. Anuradha– Nu, Ne, Nee, Na, Na,Ni.
  18. Jyeshta– Yee, Yi, Yu, Yaa, Na.
  19. Mula– Bha, Bhee, Yu, Ye, Ba, Bi.
  20. Purva Ashada– Bu, Pha, Dha, Da, Bhoo.
  21. Uttar Ashada– Bhi, Be, Bo, Ja, Ji, Bha.
  22. Sravana– Jo, Je, So, Ju, Khu, Kho, Khi.
  23. Dhanistha– Gu, Gee, Gi, Ga.
  24. Shatabhisha– Saa, Soo, Go, Si, Su, Sa.
  25. Purva Bhadrapada- Di,Dee,Dha,Dhi, Se,So,Da,Daa.
  26. Uttar Bhadrapada– Tha, Du, Gna, Jna, Na.
  27. Ravati– Cha, Chi, Chaa, De, Do.

Giving your child a suitable and meaningful name is essential as it will become a part of their identity. They will carry the name for the rest of their lives. You can use name calculator to give the appropriate new baby name according to their astrological sign and nakshatras.


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