It’s been 14 months of being a mother and trust me, I have celebrated every moment of it. With this traditional belief of society that motherhood brings various challenges and sacrifices in the life of a mother, we ladies also find ourselves standing in the ocean of drawbacks. But after looking at the brighter side of motherhood, I have learned and developed skills that I wasn’t expecting.

However, with my decision of being a mother and staying at home with my boy, I have found myself growing and becoming a better version of myself. And with these skills, I have adapted a new routine in my daily life.

#1. The importance of time

I have learned how we can use seconds of time to get our stuff done. Motherhood has taught me how I can utilize those tiny stretches between breaks to get my work done. Managing all the work with a baby who needs you all the time gets hectic.

In the beginning, I too used to juggle so many things but now I have the ability to decide what I use my “free-time” doing. I can’t be an all-rounder mommy but I have to choose my development priorities. I have learned that I can’t do it all and being okay with that makes me feel relaxed. So I choose the most important things and set my priorities accordingly.

#2. Being Patient

Pardon please, but I used to get impatient at every little thing before motherhood. But now the coin has flipped and I have developed a new skill of being patient most of the time. I can’t be perfect but I am getting better at controlling my frustration and losing it all.

Those long feeding sessions, sleepless nights, and a dozen dirty diapers have taught me how you handle things calmly. After being a mother I am certainly becoming a better version of my own.

#3. Adjusting with little sleep

As a mother, I have learnt to live on short naps almost every day. I have got used to it. I now sleep more than I did when he was a baby, but still less than I did before I was pregnant. I have grown sleeping a lot and it feels surprising that how I am adjusting to a little sleep routine. I feels so good doing more in that extra time.

#4. Expecting Less

I would love to have my 14-month-old boy feeding himself and I get him ready for preschool, I can’t expect that of him. I learned to set reasonable expectations of them and myself very low, at this young age in his life.

My mantra for life is “Hoing the best and preparing for the worst”. So setting very low expectations of him is the only best thing to expect.

#5.Coping Up with Situations

I’ll admit that I am bad at coping up with unfavorable situations. Sometimes I keep on crying and indulge into having a tub of blueberry ice cream. And maybe sometimes I prefer going out with my girl gang on a night out.

With motherhood, I am getting a control on my own emotions and have learnt how to cope up adverse situations.


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