Having Periods while Breastfeeding? Here’s what you should know!

Baby’s always a blessing of God; when you become a parent, you may feel complete and enjoy your new life journey. The periods are not an obstacle in breastfeeding, but irregular periods during breastfeeding can affect your breast milk supply, and the baby may not get the actual amount of nutrition that is necessary to keep the baby healthy.

A period during breastfeeding doesn’t harm or affect your baby’s health. Period while breastfeeding only decreases the supply of breast milk, and you may also feel not well, but that doesn’t mean it affects your baby’s health anyway.

How Does a Period Affect Breastfeeding?

In simple terms, periods affect breastfeeding very little, but it doesn’t harm milk. Suppose a mother gets a period while breastfeeding; maybe she is not feeling well, but it doesn’t mean that baby is affected in any way.

For example, if a breastfeeding mother is sick, that doesn’t mean the baby gets ill or harmed. It is completely fine to keep the baby nursing.

You may notice a little change or any differences if you get your period during breastfeeding. Here we discussed some changes that most women notice when they get a period during breastfeeding.

● During periods the supply of breast milk may change, or maybe you see less productivity in your breast milk.

● During periods the taste of breast milk also changes, so the baby might avoid feeding and show disinterest.

● During periods you may also notice that your nipple tenderness increases and leads to soreness in your nipple. To avoid soreness, you may avoid wearing a bra or a loose one that is more comfortable for you.

● A few days before periods, you may notice the shortage of breast milk.

If your little one only depends on your breast milk, you may need to increase the milk supply. But irregular periods during breastfeeding can easily decrease the supply of breast milk. In this case, you need to consult with a doctor and ask them to suggest a few things to help delay your periods.

Here discussed the same important tips that can help you delay your menstruation cycles after pregnancy.

● While breastfeeding, you should feed your baby at short intervals and make sure that you feed your baby not more than four hours gap at day time and six hours gap at night time.

● You don’t hesitate when breastfeeding; keep your baby close and feed him whenever he wants.

● You always ensure that whenever your baby needs your milk, you should feed him without delay.


The mothers who feed their babies mostly don’t get periods. But there are few women that get periods during breastfeeding. The period doesn’t affect breastfeeding but only the milk supply. If the milk supply gets interrupted, then the baby doesn’t get the required amount of milk to keep the baby healthy. Periods when breastfeeding can be caused by a variety of circumstances. To prevent these scenarios and maintain the health of your infant, you should speak with your doctor and take the appropriate drugs.


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