Though a child loves his mother the most, fathers are equally precious to them. I still remember my pregnancy days, when the little one used to respond to my husband’s voice more often. When a man gets the news of becoming a father he starts getting a feeling of strong conviction to protect and nurture his kids. Fatherhood often comes with lots of surprises and responsibilities. It’s all about possessing extra powers to manage fatherly behavior. Be it a science project or a football match, fathers always is around to offer every possible help their child needs. This makes them a real superhero and if you would like to know more about the parenting tips you can visit Child Parenting Tips.

The word DAD in itself is enough to bring back memories of childhood. Every child shares a bond of unconditional love and never-ending feelings with his dad. Starting from the first day of the school till graduation day, a DAD always supports his child.

Let’s take a sneak peek about the real superheroes of our life:

Dad always keeps you Happy: He always stands up in the bad as well as the good times. Being the strongest in the family, he always treats you with royalty, pampers you and adores you. From chocolates to cakes, dresses to scooters, he never makes you feel deprived of anything.

He is always there to listen: Be it a complaint or a story to narrate, dad always listens to you. He is all ears to listen to your opinions. He is a shoulder to cry on. He always pays attention to every detail you want to utter, patiently, till you are done.

He is the rock of the family: Dads are always the family’s financial as well as emotional support. He lays the foundation and growth of a beautiful family. A father always is a wall protecting and saving his family. He is just like coconut, tough from the outside and soft inside.

He is protective and possessive: Fathers always are overprotective when it comes to their kids. He takes care of you at each stage of your life. He is a superhero protecting you from every danger that comes in your way. A dad gives you the strength to walk on the toughest roads of life.

He teaches you the most valuable lessons: From riding a bicycle to driving a car, from learning English to solving a math problem, from playing soccer to painting, fathers always are the first teachers. They teach you many valuable things to grow and impart wisdom and skills in life.

They make you Believe In yourself: Being a dad is the job of a superhero. Raising a family, providing the best for their well being, standing up in thick and thins, fulfilling all their dreams and wishes and being the most selfless creatures. He always believes in you and your potential even when no one stands by your side. A dad makes you believe in your own and inspire you to be your superhero and never give up.

Dad: A real superhero


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