What are the deficiency of iron and its results

Research conducted by ICMR reveals that most preschool children are malnourished in India or the sub-continent. They are especially suffering the iron deficiency problems. A lower haemoglobin level causes many types of development issues in children. The imbalance may interrupt the mental and physical growth of a child. Because they are in the developing phase, if the system is disrupted by any imbalance of vitamins, minerals or malnourishment, they will suffer the effect for a lifetime. The deficiency of iron and its related anaemia during infancy and early childhood is a very serious issue for a child. The imbalance is associated with abnormal behavioural problems, improper physical growth and mental development.

Iron deficiency is a common problem in children due to the increased development procedure of the body. Iron is very important to bones also. Mothers should be cautious about their child’s diet and watch the child’s behavioural changes. Another cause of iron deficiencies might be hook-worm infestations, especially in rural areas.

.The necessity of dexorange syrup

Dexorange is a hematinic syrup; it helps the body’s proper internal functioning and supports the formation of red blood cells. The supplement is used to treat & control the problems of anemia. The main components of Dexorange syrup are Ferric Ammonium Citrate, Folic Acid & Cyanocobalamin. Dexorange Pediatric syrup is very good medicine for iron deficiency in children. This oral solution is a popular medicine in India. Folic acid and Cyanocobalamin are under the vitamin B category. These are the body essentials to function the internal system. The vitamin helps the body to create new red blood cells, which can carry oxygen throughout the body. Low oxygen saturation in the body might be associated with various physical troubles.

The proper guideline to consume dexorange syrup

Parents are requested to consult a pediatrician before giving the medicine to their little ones. Parents should follow the instruction prescribed by the doctor. The dose may vary according to the children’s age and weight and also on iron deficiency. It is also advised to maintain the course of the medicine properly to get better and more effective results.

5 Medicinal benefits Of DexorangeSyrup :

  • The deficiency of iron may affect a child’s mental and physical developmental procedure. Iron is essential for bone development. The syrup ensures the proper balance of iron in the body. An imbalance of vitamins and minerals may occur body deformities. Mental retardation is a curse for a child. Children may suffer some behavioral issues. Parents should be careful about providing iron-rich food in the regular diet. If the deficiency level is higher, consult with the doctor; they can guide you about the dosage of the iron syrup.
  • Most children suffer lack of appetite; it may be a symptom of iron deficiency. The regular intake of the medicine can increase apatite. Iron helps to build up strong immunity power. Prepare the body to fight against viral fungi and any infections. This is helpful in weakness and recovery post-illness/infection or post-surgery. The medicine can boost energy.
  • The medicine is not only an iron supplement is also helping the body absorb vitamins, minerals and protein from food. Protein is vital to a child’s growth, cell repair, and proper body maintenance. The orange flavour of the medicine might be interesting for the children.
  • In rural areas with a scarcity of purified water, proper sanitation and hygiene are common problems; most children in those areas face hookworm infestation. The worms start breeding in the intestine and suck all vital nutrients from the food the children are eaten.
  • The body could not get the essentials to function properly.
  • Ferric Ammonium citrate is mainly used to treat anaemia caused by iron deficiency. It is essential for children for sound health and development. It is important for the formation of red blood cells in infants. The pediatric supplement improves cognitive and physical development in children. Cyanocobalamin, one of the important components of the medicine, treats low levels of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is involved in properly functioning the nerve’s brains and producing red blood cells. Another component of the syrup is folic acid. Folic acid helps to form red blood cells and enhances neuropsychological development in children.

Directions for Use

Shake the bottle to mix all the components well before use. Take a measuring cup/dosing syringe to get the prescribed amount of medicine from the doctor. Strictly follow the dose and duration of taking the syrup by the doctor. Never give the child an excess dose of medicine; it may cause some side effects. If one can notice any side effects for the child, contact the doctor as soon as possible.

Some important notes before the consumption of Dexorange pediatric syrup

  • First, let the doctor be aware of any pre-existing medical conditions of the child or any allergic tendencies.
  • Do not miss the medicine and recommended dosage.
  • Always keep the medicine in a safe place, away from children and pets.
  • Be cautious about the storage of the medicine; store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight but not in the freezer.

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