Top 10 Positive Parenting Tips Every Parent Should Know

1. Positive Parenting is bringing up a child empathetically, addressing his/her personal needs.

2. As a parent, it is crucial to constantly develop the self esteem of your kid. 

3. Don’t scold, beat, or rebuke your kid. Stay away from negative parenting methods.

4. Give high-quality company to your children as you can their best friend. 

5. Make your kids realize how important they are to you and to the world.

6. Interact with your kids whenever you can to reduce communication gap.

7. Try to be firm yet loving and caring at the same time with your kids. 

8. Don’t pressurize your kids with unrealistic expectations, especially in studies.

9. Try to be good listener to your kid. It is a sign of good parenting 

10. Make it a priority to follow good parenting techniques in your daily routine.