Vitamin E – all you need to know.

Origin of vitamin E is an essential compound for the human body. Vitamin E is in the group of compounds that can dissolve in fat; there are four tocopherols and four tocotrienols. Vitamin E was first brought to light in 1922 by Herbert McLean Evans and Katharine Scott Bishop. Evans and Gladys Anderson Emerson first isolated it in 1935 at Berkeley. The activity of the vitamin was first identified in research as a dietary fertility factor in rats. It is named “tocopherol,” which derives from the Greek words “τόκος” tókos, which means birth, and “φέρειν”, phérein, means to bear or carry, and the ending “-ol” derives from chemical alcohol. Erhard Fernholz first explained its structure in 1938, and in the same year, Paul Karrer and his research group first synthesized it. Vitamin E can find naturally in some foods (RRR-alpha-tocopherol). It can be prepared by laboratory research, a different natural vitamin E. We can find that type of vitamin in supplements (all-rac-alpha-tocopherol). Evion 400 is a highly efficient vitamin E supplement. It can boost overall energy.

The necessity of vitamin E in our body

Vitamin E is an essential vitamin. Our body needs a perfect combination of vital nutrients to function. It is a mechanical procedure within our body. Vitamin E has a protective factor. Vitamin E plays the role of a powerful antioxidant in the body. The vitamin helps protect the cells’ membrane against damage caused by free radicals. Some research reports explain that these free radicals may cause cancer, cataracts and heart diseases. These free radicals can cause premature aging and many degenerative ailments such as macular degeneration; this may cause vision-related problems. Vitamin E effectively protects our skin and hair from sun rays, especially radiation from ultraviolet rays. The protective vitamin is useful for the internal organs and external limbs. The effective power of Vitamin E can improve our body’s immunity system. It has a special power to heal any scar faster.

Our body can absorb the required amount of vitamin E from regular food intake. So try to eat vitamin-enriched food in our meals. Nuts and fresh fruits are good sources of vitamins. Maintain a healthy food habit to stay healthy from any disorder. The proper balance of vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients helps balance our mental and physical development.

Natural source of vitamin E

Try to consume vitamin-enriched food and encourage your offspring to maintain their healthy food habits. It will ensure overall sound health and proper brain development and physique development. If your child is fussy eater, try to prepare different types of recipes with vitamin-enriched ingredients.

Foods with a natural source of Vitamin E are Sunflower seeds, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Pine nuts, Tomato paste/sauce, Carrot juice, mixed nuts, Spinach, Broccoli, Sweet potatoes, red bell pepper, pumpkin, Wheat germ, Avocado Kiwi and Vegetable oil. It isn’t easy to find specified vitamins E contain food because we cannot find vitamin E on food labels. Processed food and juices are not recommended; the nutritional value might be decreased.

Reason to take vitamin E supplements

Vitamin E supplement is generally used for treating vitamin E deficiency in our body, though it is rare. The deficiencies may occur in some instances;

  • Due to some internal intestinal disorders can occur. In that situation, the body could not suck up the vitamin from the food’s nutrients. Then processed vitamin is given as a supplement to neutralize the scarcity.
  • People with certain genetic disorders can face the effects of vitamin e deficiency. In that situation, medicinal uses of supplements are required.
  • The babies born before their birth term or those born with low birth weight could have vitamin E deficiency. Those babies would need Vitamin E supplements if the level of scarcity were beyond the danger level. A pediatrician will guide you better in these circumstances.
  • There is much good scientific evidence showing that vitamin E supplement is effective in skincare and hair care. Vitamin E can lessen the effects of premature aging. You can mix Evion 400 with essential oil and apply it to your skin to get blemish-free, supple, glowing skin. The essence of the capsule helps to promote the productivity of collagen. Mix Evion 400 with coconut oil or any other natural oil, then massage the hair and scalp before a few hours of shampooing; it will nourish your hair too. It can reduce the frizziness of your wild dull hair and helps to regrowth of healthy hair.

Is there any bad impact of taking vitamin E

Generally, a vitamin E supplement is not necessary. Most multivitamins contain a good source of vitamin E. Excessive intake of vitamin E can be harmful, and it can raise bleeding problems. Evion 400 is safe to consume. It has fewer side effects though it depends from person to person. But you have to consult your general physician before taking any oral medicine. The doctor will prescribe the dose and the medicine according to your level of deficiency.

It will be effective if we consume a complete diet meal that includes all essential dietary nutrients rather than vitamin supplements.


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