The other day when I was bathing my little one, I noticed tiny white flakes shedding from his scalp. I got terrified and called pediatrician right away to figure out what is going on with my baby. And then I found out, its dandruff and its completely normal. Dandruff is not a serious problem and it affects infants, toddlers and teens.

Usually, children who have oily skin are more prone to dandruff. It is nothing to worry about, but it irritates your baby as it is itchy and bothersome. If you are wondering what are the possible causes, keep reading:

Causes of Dandruff

Dandruff is very common and can occur at any age.Here are my observations with regard to dandruff in kids

1. Many a times, dandruff begins during adolescence due to increase in harmones. This rising harmone levels triggers oil production which causes dandruff.
2. If your baby has dry skin, your baby is more prone to dandruff.
3. Seasonal changes like winter also cause skin problems and trigger dandruff.
4. Dandruff also occur due to fungal infection.
5. Infrequent bathing and shampooing are some factors that may cause dandruff.


It is important to treat dandruff as untreates dandruff may cause itchiness and irritation in scalp. As soon as you encounter the first flake, try the following things to treat dandruff:
1. Wash hair frequently with mild shampoo to improve the flakes.
2. If this doesn’t help, consult your child’s doctor and ask for over the counter anti dandruff shampoo for kids.
3. If it is a fungal infection go for anti fungal and anti bacterial shampoos to treat it well.
4. Try shampoos with salicylic acid that can help to reduce dandruff.

Always consult with doctor before trying any medicinal shampoo or oil on your baby’s scalp.

Home remedies to treat dandruff

1. Tea tree oil is very effective in treating dandruff. 5% of tea tree oil when applied on scalp has no adverse effects. But it shall only be used for children above 14 years of age.
2. You can use baby shampoos containing aloe vera. Various brands are now producing aloe vera shampoos and conditioners for children.
3. Oiling is very important. Applying coconut oil on the scalp reduce severe dandruff.
4. Lemon juice mixed in coconut oil also help in getting rid of dandruff.
5. Try ginger and amla juice to treat and prevent dandruff.
6. You can also use a mixture of yogurt, egg and honey.
7. Neem and fenugreek seeds soaked overnight are also effective in treating dandruff.
8. Always massage your baby’s scalp in night to keep his scalp healthy and moist.
9. In winters, cover your baby’s scalp with woollen caps to avoid the flakes.
10. Maintain proper hygiene and clean your baby’s scalp regularly to prevent dandruff.

These home remedies are not harmful and you may try them on your children. Apply the substance on a small patch of the scalp to check if its suits your child. If the substance causes discomfort or irritation, then wash it immediately.


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